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Partner with SunClone

SunClone has one of the largest collections of proven varieties of cannabis plants. Medical and Recreational patients depend on experts to advise them on the best products for their needs. Advise your patients with the best quality cannabis clones and empower individuals to grow their own medicine

Our Clone to Patient Program

Marketing Materials

When you sign up, we mail you the marketing materials to display for your patrons for customer education, and to promote SunClone and our cultivars. 

Earn Commission

We offer special pricing for customers purchasing through your store as well as pay out commissions per sale to our partners. 

Hassle Free

Avoid the maintenance of a live plant inventory in your store by listing the products on your online sales sites, and in-store menus, then we will ship orders directly to your customer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We handle all customer service, returns and shipping logistics, so that you can offer your customers the best products without any added complications. 

How to get Started

Sign up with our affiliate application by clicking the button below. Once we have reviewed your application, we will schedule a call with your product/purchasing manager, so that we can answer any questions for you and review the marketing materials that you will receive. As soon as the meeting is completed, each party will sign the affiliate agreement, and you're ready to start selling! 

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