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Dogwalker Clone

Genetic Origins:
Embark on a journey through the genetic origins of Dogwalker OG, a compelling Indica-dominant strain resulting from the union of Albert Walker and Chemdawg 91. The synergy of these legendary genetics gives rise to a strain with a formidable reputation.
Cultivation Timeline:
Witness the cultivation timeline of Dogwalker OG, a strain that flourishes over 9-10 weeks, showcasing its Indica dominance. The flowering period sets the stage for the development of dark green buds adorned with accents of yellow, orange, and occasional hints of purple. The buds, dominated by caked golden trichomes, promise a visually striking spectacle.
Bountiful Harvest:
Revel in the prospect of a bountiful harvest as Dogwalker OG yields approximately 20 ounces per plant. This generous output reflects the potency and robust growth characteristics instilled by its esteemed lineage.
Aromatic Bouquet:
Immerse yourself in the aromatic bouquet of Dogwalker OG, where diesel, skunky, earthy, spicy, and musky notes intertwine. This complex scent profile creates a sensory experience that captivates the senses with each inhalation.
Terpene Symphony:
Dogwalker OG orchestrates a terpene symphony dominated by caryophyllene, linalool, alpha-humulene, myrcene, limonene, and pinene. These terpenes not only contribute to the strain's aromatic diversity but also offer potential therapeutic effects.
Mystery Breeder's Legacy:
Delve into the enigma of Dogwalker OG's breeder, a figure shrouded in mystery. The "One-Eye" Cut carries the legacy of its unknown creator, adding an air of mystique to this already distinguished strain.
Dogwalker OG stands as a testament to the artistry of its genetic architects, delivering a harmonious blend of potent effects, aromatic richness, and a legacy rooted in the mysterious realm of cannabis breeding.
  • Product Description

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