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Block Builder Clone

Block Builder Clone

Block Builder #3 is a sophisticated hybrid resulting from a complex crossbreeding of (Ukiah SOG x Holy Grail) and ((PK pure kush x (Ukiah SOG x Holy Grail)). This strain was meticulously crafted with the goal of achieving a short flowering timeline, typically concluding within 45 to 56 days, or approximately 7 to 8 weeks. Block Builder #3 is recognized for its high-yielding nature, as it belongs to the Block Builder series, specifically developed for robust flower production on a commercial scale.
One of its standout attributes is its aggressive growth habits, intentionally chosen to facilitate compact, high-density flower production. This strain is an ideal candidate for Sea of Green (SOG) or high-volume/density light deprivation cultivation techniques.
To maximize its potential, it's typically recommended to initiate the flowering phase when the plant reaches a height of 8 to 12 inches. In most cases, growers are advised against topping Block Builder #3, as it tends to naturally form a staircase-like pattern of stacked flowers that emerge early and bulk up rapidly.
The credit for breeding Block Builder #3 goes to Warlock Genetics, further establishing its reputation as a carefully crafted strain designed for efficient and productive cultivation. This strain's characteristics make it a valuable addition to commercial cannabis cultivation, particularly for those looking to optimize flower production in a short timeframe.
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