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SunClone, SunGrown

SunClone specializes in propagating a wide variety of vegetative Cannabis plants for growers who want consistent results and proven data. We have a passion for growing and are the best resource for sourcing genetics for any setup. 

Since we began working in the nursery industry, we quickly recognized the need for quality plants and strains for growers of all kinds. SunClone specializes in quality cannabis genetics that can be ordered online and shipped directly to you. We have strains suitable for every growing setup, with a constantly evolving strain list and continuous pheno-hunts.


Our favorite part of our work is collaborating with passionate growers and documenting our collective processes to provide the most accurate and detailed information about our strains. 

​Other than our obsession with growing, propagating, and strain selection, we care about the product we offer and only provide the best quality clones. SunClone is the only option for top-tier genetics shipped right to your door.

We dedicate our time to thoroughly document every aspect of cultivating our strains. We've accumulated hundreds of amazing strains over the last decade with the goal to provide an extensive library of genetics to all passionate growers.


We pride ourselves on our processes. We began building out an amazing facility to be able to support the ever-expanding market for Cannabis Clones as legalization continues to spread in the US. It's been a long time coming, but SunClone is here and has got what you're looking for! Check out our strain observation database!

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