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Small cannabis plants in a greenhouse setting

Clones For Large Scale Production

Commercial Growers

SunClone doesn't just provide clones for home-growers. We are equipped to fill large-scale orders for flower production across the US. 

Unrooted Cuttings

Our unrooted cuttings will be cut on the morning of shipment to ensure absolute freshness. They will be bundled and wrapped inside a sealed and insulated container, with a cool pack to keep temperatures consistent on their journey. Cuttings are shipped overnight by air to get to you as quickly as possible. Unrooted cuttings are about 6-12" long.

Rooted Cuttings

Our rooted cuttings are available via custom order, with a 2-3 week advance notice. Once the cuttings have been harvested from our mother plants, they are dipped in Clonex rooting hormone to encourage root growth. The cuttings root out in Jiffy Peat Pellets, which contain Canadian peat encased in a thin PLA netting. The cuttings are then cared for in our propagation boxes for 10-14 days until they are fully rooted and ready to be delivered. We guarantee strong root development and healthy foliage. The rooted cuttings are about 6" tall. 

3.5" Pot Clones

We stock a large rotating inventory of 3.5" pots, available at any time. These can also be ordered on a custom basis with a 5-6 week lead time. For our standard clones, we transplant rooted peat pellets into a 3.5” pot. The pots are filled with a custom soil mix that includes peat, perlite, alfalfa meal, and mycorrhizae. The plants are well rooted in their pots and shipped between 6-8" tall. 

Please send us a message for more information, including pricing. 

We offer custom soil mixes, pot sizes, and feeding techniques; reach out for custom orders. 

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