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Grease Bucket Clone

Grease Bucket Clone

Grease Bucket, born from the union of Garlic (GMO) Cookies and Banana Punch, emerges as an indica-dominant strain that captivates with its potent THC levels ranging between 20-25%. This potency swiftly delivers a robust initial high that seamlessly transitions into a long-lasting and fulfilling experience.
In just 63 days, Grease Bucket unfurls its elegant buds, ready for harvest. For outdoor cultivation, the bountiful yield is prepared for harvesting around mid-October. Indoors, this strain thrives, producing an impressive 450 grams of sophisticated buds per square meter. While Grease Bucket adapts to both indoor and outdoor settings, it particularly flourishes in sun-drenched conditions. Indoor hydroponic systems complemented by powerful grow lights offer an optimal environment for its growth.
The strain's substantial buds, generously coated in crystals, exhibit a loose packing. The aroma profile of Grease Bucket is a captivating blend of diesel and skunky notes, infused with a sweet and sour essence that entices the senses. The flavor echoes this complexity, offering tropical, pungent, and sour undertones.
Grease Bucket's terpene symphony features caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, contributing to its distinctive fragrance and taste. Users of this strain praise its ability to induce relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and uplifted feelings. Medically, it finds application in alleviating stress, depression, and anxiety.
An easy-to-cultivate species, Grease Bucket thrives outdoors, yet it excels when grown indoors under hydroponic systems. The plant's robust growth may necessitate regular trimming to ensure adequate sunlight exposure. The terpene-rich profile, accentuated by the harmonious blend of THC and CBD, delivers a holistic experience cherished by cannabis enthusiasts seeking both recreational and therapeutic benefits.
In the realm of cannabis genetics, Grease Bucket proudly bears the signature of Symbiotic Genetics, a testament to the breeding expertise behind this captivating strain.
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