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High Mac Clone

High Mac Clone

High Mac, a balanced 50/50 hybrid, emerges from the union of High School Sweetheart and Mac Stomper. With THC levels ranging between 21-24%, this strain promises a well-rounded experience for enthusiasts. High Mac gracefully completes its flowering phase within the span of 9-10 weeks, offering a moderate yield.
The distinguishing feature of High Mac lies in its dense flowers, characterized by resinous buds adorned with frosty trichomes and captivating dark purple hues. The plant itself adopts a slender Indica profile, quickly establishing a robust structure capable of supporting its sizable colas.
Enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of genetics in a well-balanced hybrid may find High Mac to be a compelling choice. With its moderate yield and visually appealing buds, this strain brings a touch of sophistication to the diverse landscape of hybrid cannabis varieties.
  • Product Description

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